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CAM Coins

In the youth level of lacrosse, “Honor the Game” ceremonies take place after each game.  A ceremony that Camron, Jordan, Paul, and Cyndi felt was missing from the high school games.

After Camron’s battle ended on his 18th birthday, March 10, 2018, it was their desire to honor him and his love of Lacrosse, by creating the Cam Coin.  One side is the logo created by Camron’s friend PJ Boogard.  The other side is the Honor the game logo from the youth level stickers.  Special thank you to Beth and Dan Lancaster for helping research and order our first batch of Cam Coins.

Camron competed with Respect, Heart, Hustle, Honor, Integrity, & pure Joy.  These qualities helped Camron find his strength and spirit to fight his greatest battle in life - DIPG.

During the last few weeks of the 2018 high school season, players across the area who demonstrated these same qualities on the field of Lacrosse were awarded the Cam Coin by their opposing competitors.  The head coaches who had their team participate were also awarded the Cam Coin. 

Our wish that the Cam Coin could be used as a source of inspiration to others has been achieved many times over.  We have received countless stories from across the state of Washington on how the Cam Coin has touched so many.

Going forward, awarded players will have the chance to receive scholarships to further their education by submitting applications with the Team Cozzi family.

Cam Strong HTG Coin  Side 1.png



  • Sumner/Bonney Lake Girls Lacrosse - Brynna Nixon

  • Bonney Lake HS Boys Lacrosse - Jordan Wilkins

  • Bonney Lake HS Boys Lacrosse - Luke Musgrave

  • Sumner HS Boys Lacrosse - Johnny Zoccola

  • Enumclaw HS Boys Lacrosse - Will Pugh

  • White River HS Boys Lacrosse - Dakoda Arledge


Dakoda Arledge, Will Pugh, Jordan Cozzi, Coach Pugh, Coach Mark Funkhouser, Coach Jevan Chow, Cyndi Cozzi, Johnny Zoccola, Paul Cozzi, Coach Arron deLeon


Cam Coin Scholarships

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