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In 2016 the City of BONNEY LAKE named February 22 Camron Cozzi Day.  It has been 8 years now and we love celebrating this day every year since.  

It also reminds me of the day Camron told me how he wanted to be

remembered.  He wanted to be cremated and his ashes spread over different beaches all over the world.  This day - 2/22/2016 was the 2 month mark for Camron being diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma - and he was told December 22 that without treatment he only had 2 months. A day to remember for sure with pain, love, tears, and laughter.

If you wish to honor Cam today - we ask that you may consider donating to A network of foundations and individuals working together to care for the needs of DIPG/DMG families.  We joined earlier this year honoring our Cam.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Krista Kline Carson & Camron

 I met a young man today... 

Fifteen years of age. His eyes they shine so bright I see... 

as I listen to his words carefully. 

He tells me of this battle of which he fights, 

against a foe hidden from sight. 

At times he struggles... alone at night, 

but day brings hope for a normal life. 

Some days are foggy and hard to see. 

This young man amazes me. 

His courage, his sword, his armor, his heart, 

the enemy he faces lives in the dark. 

He marches with Angels by his side, 

his General true, far and wide. 

There is no stronger bond you see than that of Camron’s family. 

I tell you one thing I will never forget... 

this amazing young man I have met. 

- Jesse Kalin Carson 


camron'S fIGHT

No One Fights Alone.  Camron Cozzi & his family fought a valiant battle. They were able to seek out treatments that wouldn't have been an option, without the dollars raised by all the phenomenal people who have helped emotionally and financially along the way.


Camron defied the odds, he was a warrior, now an angel. Camron passed on his 18th birthday, March 10th of 2018. Camron's most fervent wish was to find a cure for DIPG. So that no child has to leave their parents. So no child would die from DIPG.


To that end we are committed to raise funds to assist in the fight.


You can donate online at Tgen in Camron's name, or print and mail-in THIS FORM along with your check to:  

Team Cozzi Foundation

2128 218th Ave E

Lake Tapps, WA 98391


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