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Thank you everyone for sharing your 2's

In honor of 6th Anniversary of Bonney Lake’s

Camron Cozzi Day – this 2/22/22 - let’s raise some 2’s. 

This date has a lot of significance, and I don’t want to

miss the chance to honor Camron and raise some money

to #cureDIPG – Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma –

a rare pediatric inoperable brain cancer.

These funds will be used to join other DIPG family Foundations to fund DIPG specific navigation systems & medical boards to help guide families during their battle.

Cam was dx on December 22, 2016 and given 2 months to live.

On 2/22/16 (2months after dx)– Camron still battling - sat me down in his room and said, “Mom I want to be cremated and then my ashes spread on beaches all over the world”.  Of course, he first said “crucified” and after a quick glance and concerned look - I replied that Jesus was crucified, and I don’t think we can do that for you.  He laughed – we laughed, and he said no I mean “cremated”. 

As much as this is a funny story to me and I giggle over that conversation a lot.  I also know the harsh reality that he had been thinking about dying during that 2-month period since being diagnosed. Thinking everyday may be his last.  No child should have to think about how they will be buried or when will they die.

We HAVE made progress in this fight – Camron’s journey – his legacy – to #cureDIPG.  But we still have work to do for other DIPG Warriors.

From Now til Camron’s 22nd Birthday – 3/10/22 – you can donate through Venmo or our website

Thank you for helping us find a cure.

“Help defeat DIPG - So kids don’t have to be taken away from their parents.” -Camron Cozzi








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