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Take Time to Share

While visiting with Kyle before he departed this morning, I noticed Paul had placed one of Camron’s Rocks in the rock bed by the pool. I went out and took a photo so I could hash tag a photo on social media. We said our goodbyes to Kyle and finished getting packed to head to the airport. Paul left to run an errand and Jordan finished packing so the house became quiet. It was in the quiet I decided to write the host and share our Camron and a photo of the rock.

This is what I wrote to her and her response follows...


We are preparing to leave your beautiful home. Thank you for opening up for families to enjoy. We left a rock by the pool in hope to spread awareness for DIPG - a rare pediatric brain cancer. We were here to participate in our dear friends Hope through Hollis Golf tournament to raise money for the research at TGen here in Phoenix. We met the Doherty family because our son too had DIPG. Both of the boys have passed. Hollis 2 years in January and our Camron passed on his 18th birthday this past March. Both boys fought courageously and continue through research where their tumor donation is working for the future children of DIPG. Our family traveled from Seattle as well as St Louis and Tucson. Thank you again - Cyndi and Paul

Cyndi & Paul ~ thank you so much for sharing your story with me & for leaving this rock ... what a beautiful gift & I am truly touched by it - it will remain in my yard and your son’s life will always be remembered.

This home has been my fiancé’s & my dream- he also passed away from bone cancer 1.5 years ago. After he was gone I decided that going to Medical School would be a way for me to move forward & my focus will be Oncology, I am in my second year now.

I bought this home in March of this year because it’s what he has wished for and my hope for the future has been to make it available for families that are in town for cancer treatments or to be close to a family member that has to stay at one of the clinics close by. I admire your courage & my heart is with you and your family.

Thank you so much for choosing my home -



I could have packed up, left, and given a review on the way home. Leaving my thoughts behind. Keeping the pictures on my phone to look through later seeing the memories made in the home with Kyle, Scott, & Ken. But in the quiet moment I decided to share our Camron with our host, Mirjam and why we were visiting Phoenix in the first place.

I thought maybe she would respond in understanding, I didn’t expect to learn that she had experienced a similar journey with her fiancé. Of course this brought me to tears as I read her response to Paul and Jordan. I am glad I took the time and now hope it only fuels her fire to complete her dream of becoming a force as an oncologist. A dream in memory of her fiancé and now our Camron. She shared she had not heard of DIPG, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. I took the time to share and now she is aware.


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